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Well hey-hey-hey there.

Check out this brand-spanking-new website! We're so glad to have had great support when conceiving and building this website. We wanted it to be represent us clearly and honestly but our main goal was to make it accessible for you lovely people. If you have any feedback, comments, or criticisms, do NOT hesitate to contact us and let us know what's on your mind. We love you and appreciate your words, always.

Now that it's a nice and stinky, sticky, and sweaty summer time great time, the festival season is in full swing. Here, and many other places here in Canada (Kanata*). We're so happy and fortunate to be spending this summer supporting other acts, groups, collectives, and artists. Not to brag, but we got lots of friends (I think?) working their artsy butts off. First one I'd like to talk about is Celia Green's piece, "Wah Wah Wah" at Summerworks this summer in Toronto! ICYMI (but you shouldn't) Celia's been developing this piece for the last four years and honestly, look out. She's a powerhouse discovering her power and voice more and more in these last few years. But not only that, she's one of the most kind and generous people I've ever met. She digs deep, asks the questions - even the little silly ones in the back of your mind that you think no one else has or you'll never utter out loud because woah I must be so alone in thinking these outrageous things. Well, nah. She's right there with you and cracking open that box on stage and pushing the lines of normality and and social norms. Trust me, do not miss this one.

Read up more info on the show here:


and Celia's set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to pay all of the artists working with her at a fair wage. I highly encourage you to pass along anything you can afford.

That's all I got for now (mostly because I finished my bag of chips and would like to go to bed now). Thanks for joining us along on this ride! If you have a show or know a show you think we'll dig (or even ones we won't!), contact us!

lots of love and crumbs,

R xoxo

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