The Writing on the Stall

Premiered Winnipeg Fringe 2016


In a world where everything is online, making real-world connections can feel impossible. But sometimes all it takes is a trip to the bathroom.


Inspired by bathroom graffiti found all over Winnipeg, MB,  Fill The (W)hole enters the stalls and explores the many faces that pass through public washrooms.


Funny, raw and honest, this devised piece breathes life into the phrase "everybody poops".


Media Reviews:


"It might be one of the strongest, most emotional moments this year's fringe festival has in store..." - Winnipeg Free Press


“At the pensive level, this show takes me back to my Women’s Studies, gender differences courses. At the social level, I very much enjoy the inside view into what happens behind the door with the skirt. From either perspective, this enlightening show keeps me rapt the whole time. I can only guess but from a women’s perspective, I wonder if there are moments of remembrance and déjà vu?”

Ray Yuen, Jenny Revue

©2018 by Fill The (W)hole Theatre Company

Winnipeg, MB

Photographer : Kiandra Jeffery