III (Three)

January to February 2020


Jan 23 - Feb 8

Weekly on Thursday - Saturday

Cloakroom Wellness - 70 Albert St



How did these weird sisters come to be? And why do they torment Macbeth? 

Agnes, Sarah, and Margaret are all women who were convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake in 16th Century Scotland. In life, they were hunted, accused, and tormented for being women who posed a threat to the status quo. In death, they are given another chance. A chance to reclaim their voices and exact revenge on the powers that be that robbed their voices in the first place. 

Explored through movement, old and new text, poetry, and magick, III takes audiences on a journey through the lives and deaths of three extraordinary women who experience a rebirth so powerful that Shakespeare himself was afraid to delve into. 


Inspired by the Witches of Macbeth.

Creative Team:

Written by Fill The (W)hole Theatre Co and Kelly Daniels

Director: Kelly Daniels

Performers: Lindsay Johnson, Rayna Masterton, Brigitte Plouffe

Technical Design and Stage Manager: Tanner Manson

©2018 by Fill The (W)hole Theatre Company

Winnipeg, MB

Photographer : Kiandra Jeffery